Monday, June 10, 2013

Bug Spray and Campfire Smoke

     Just returned from Lake George and what a trip. I am proud to say I kayaked for 14 miles total with some camping in between. No tech (besides camera and some good tunes) and lots of dancing and talking by the camp fire. As well as many many s'mores.

Good times...

We went to medium sized island in the lake called East Dollar, (view from my tent below)

The first order of business after docking at 7 was to build a "tarp city" set up our tables and tents and of course build a huge fire.


The island had 3 campsites which our whole group took  over when renting the island out. So as to not have to deal with other campers. The island was all ours.
East Dollar Island was wonderful with many different views. I was camped by the "lagoon" (below).

Once all the emails are set up with everyone so the picture exchange can begin I will post some more pics along with some info if anyone is interested in camping/ kayaking in Lake George, New York

<3 Shari

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