Friday, July 26, 2013

Last day,

Well it has been a fun 3 weeks with my mother and her friends exploring this island but sadly it is my last day.
I spent most of the trip local, visiting the towns nearby my mom. She picked to live in an area close to the main city giving her the option to enjoy many activities. San Juan was definitely the best since every day the town had something going on.

What I enjoy most about Puerto Rico since I was a child are the beaches. Every beach I have gone to has been gorgeous and well kept.  The beach was clean of garbage and the only things you find in the water are the fish, seaweed and crabs. The water is so clear and warm - I could just live there every day. 

The beach in Condado, Puerto Rico:
Such peace....

The beach in Carolina, Puerto Rico
We were attacked by jumping fish last time we visited. Never laughed so hard. 

Well my plane leaves tonight back to New York and reality. I'll miss Puerto Rico- until next time. 

All my love,
<3 Shari

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Festival of the artisans

What I love about San Juan is the constant gamut of activities that have every weekend. This past weekend did not disappoint. Right on the field in front of El Morro ( an old Spanish fort) was large tents with dozens of tables of different artists displaying their work. 

It was wonderful. There was people playing Spanish music live and seeing all aspects of my culture was great to see.  Pictures weren't allowed but I was to sneak a few of my favs.

(I pretended to be texting on my phone. I think he knew)

Puerto Rico is known for its bright colors, among other things.

All purses produced by hand, with skill from scratch. 
 This is what I love I was in artist heaven, literally spent a few hours here before exploring the rest of Viejo San Juan. 

All the best,

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Rain,rain go away

I completely forgot about all the rain in Puerto Rico. You constantly have to carry an umbrella or poncho and mosquito spray (since after the rain they all come out). I figured I would use the current rainstorm to update.
I recently learned how important Friday and Saturday nights are here in Puerto Rico.
I found that the surrounding areas near Viejo San Juan come out Friday afternoon to San Juan for an evening of street food, entertainment, casinos and music. Also local artists come out to sell their wares. 
I never knew this and so my mother and her friends took me out last Saturday to see first hand. Everyone goes out dressed up and everywhere you look there was something going on. I absolutely loved it.
I was only able to see just a bit before we got hit by a passing shower, so here is a quick snapshot. 

Once the rain came down everyone and I mean everyone ran for cover. It was hilarious but fun to be smushed under an umbrella with the local artist you were just watching perform a minute before, having small talk.

I am hoping if the weather clears up by 6pm to try going down there again.

Always learning new things about my culture. I will keep you posted.

<3 Shari

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The vacay so far...

After getting off the plane and picking up essentials (forgot to pack deodorant) I was ready to see what the small town of Trujillo Alto has to offer.  
Trujillo Alto is considered the "suburb in the city" and is in the process of adding a new hospital and parks to bring in tourists.  

Each town in Puerto Rico has a plaza which is a main meeting area. Each plaza represents the town and on weekends it becomes a social meeting place with food and music. Trujillo Alto is known for the guineo, which is a type of banana similar to a plantain. So the plaza had statues repressing the guineo culture. 

Sadly I can't do anything tomorrow since a tropical storm is heading my way. 

More to come soon.
Shari <3

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Mini- Vacay

I am super excited! In a few hours I will be going to Puerto Rico to see my mom! I am looking forward to spending time with her and relaxing and enjoying the scenery. I will be gone for quite a while so I have to close my shop for a bit. However, I'll keep an eye out for some unique fabric on the island.

All the best,