Friday, July 26, 2013

Last day,

Well it has been a fun 3 weeks with my mother and her friends exploring this island but sadly it is my last day.
I spent most of the trip local, visiting the towns nearby my mom. She picked to live in an area close to the main city giving her the option to enjoy many activities. San Juan was definitely the best since every day the town had something going on.

What I enjoy most about Puerto Rico since I was a child are the beaches. Every beach I have gone to has been gorgeous and well kept.  The beach was clean of garbage and the only things you find in the water are the fish, seaweed and crabs. The water is so clear and warm - I could just live there every day. 

The beach in Condado, Puerto Rico:
Such peace....

The beach in Carolina, Puerto Rico
We were attacked by jumping fish last time we visited. Never laughed so hard. 

Well my plane leaves tonight back to New York and reality. I'll miss Puerto Rico- until next time. 

All my love,
<3 Shari

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