Thursday, July 18, 2013

Rain,rain go away

I completely forgot about all the rain in Puerto Rico. You constantly have to carry an umbrella or poncho and mosquito spray (since after the rain they all come out). I figured I would use the current rainstorm to update.
I recently learned how important Friday and Saturday nights are here in Puerto Rico.
I found that the surrounding areas near Viejo San Juan come out Friday afternoon to San Juan for an evening of street food, entertainment, casinos and music. Also local artists come out to sell their wares. 
I never knew this and so my mother and her friends took me out last Saturday to see first hand. Everyone goes out dressed up and everywhere you look there was something going on. I absolutely loved it.
I was only able to see just a bit before we got hit by a passing shower, so here is a quick snapshot. 

Once the rain came down everyone and I mean everyone ran for cover. It was hilarious but fun to be smushed under an umbrella with the local artist you were just watching perform a minute before, having small talk.

I am hoping if the weather clears up by 6pm to try going down there again.

Always learning new things about my culture. I will keep you posted.

<3 Shari

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