Sunday, August 4, 2013

What a Summer so far...

It's been a crazy few days since my plane landed back in New York. Spending most of my July with my mom basically away from reality has put me in a state of slight anxiety now that I'm back. I have so much to get done and only 3 weeks!

I spent one with my best friend since we were 16 in my first official duty as a maid of dress shopping! It was fun. I was also formally asked right before the appointment in a cute way she found on Pinterest. 

So of course I was close to tearing up. However I really had to hold the tears back when I saw her step out in her top choice dress. All of a sudden I was thinking about all the goofy times we had together growing up, the long talks about stupid boyfriends past, and the fun overnights with movies and drinks. 

Her choice from David's Bridal (and affordable too)

Of course when your friend is planning a wedding you tend to think about your own. Which has happened to me. So in talking about it with my boyfriend he undoubtedly asked what my dress ideas were, (which is why he is awesome). Being able to have a conversation with a man about the future of us was like hot chocolate on a chilly Fall day. 

And because I am going off on a tangent....
My advice to anyone out there that is with someone that they love but isn't getting it in return, getting hurt/ heart broken, not completely happy, or making excuses to be with that person remember this:

All my love, 
Shari <3

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