Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Thursday is going to be really important to my ever growing Etsy shop!

I received an email about a week or two ago from a woman that saw my shop and loved my infinity scarves. She told me about her blog and how she and her husband are trying to raise money to help with their adoption fees. In order to help with the cost they were asking some shops if they wanted to donate goods that they could auction off. I couldn't say no. Without hesitation I sent in some stuff that I have been working on. I hope it helps out in some way.

Auction starts on Thursday and there is so much stuff to look at and bid on. Or you can donate any amount if you just want to help out without bidding.

Pass on the information to anybody who is interested!

Then when I was checking my mail today I get more great news!
The fabric shop where I get my fabulous yards of fabric for my infinity scarves will feature my shop on their blog!

Please check it out here!


The blog offers patterns, sewing ideas and features a different shop that uses their fabric.
I love the fabric store since the material sold is so soft and wearable. They are always updating with new stuff!

 So if you can check it all out!
I am super excited and I will keep you posted.

All my love,
Shari <3

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