Wednesday, October 2, 2013

And the hits keep on coming...

I have much to Yay! about - and once its all settled I will update.

I have continued updating my little shop on Etsy. I found another cute little shop with some vibrant and rich solid color fabric. They will make the best infinity scarves for this season.
Also since I have to look ahead I am trying to see what the trend is for Winter and figure what the best fabric would be for then. Any ideas?

Also I have been debating on taking my boyfriends advice on the pictures in my shop. He is impressed with my pictures (which is a lot coming from a photographer) but has offered to take pictures with a live model. I have been thinking that doing so will improve my shop since I have seen the other shop do so.

Here is a random but awesome pic of Robin hood and his merry men at the Renn Faire:

All the best,
Shari <3

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