Sunday, May 25, 2014

Life Changes

I forgot to mention a while back that my best friend for about 16 years is getting married to a great guy she met online (on Match no less). They were together a total of 4 years before he popped the question and since then its been a whirlwind year.
And on July 18th they get married and become man and wife.

I am excited and a bit sad. Life is moving so fast! We are all changing- getting older.

Its a happy sadness if that makes any sense.

We all live our lives not realizing that the tiny changes accumulate and when we sit and look back so much has changed.

I am feeling a bit nostalgic so please bear with me. I just finally had a moment to think since it has been crazy couple of months. Now that the wedding is getting closer my duties as maid of honor has amped up as well.

Add to that the fact that 2 months ago I finally moved in with my boyfriend. It is exciting to have a place together and decorate and furniture shop and have a little place that is ours. There were moments that I never thought I would be in this place and I am really grateful.  He is a great man and I never thought I would find anyone like him.

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