Sunday, May 25, 2014

Looking back- Fun day at the parade...

This was suppose to be posted back in February but with work and planning my boyfriend's birthday this post was never updated. Please excuse the lateness...

So back in February my boyfriend ask if I wanted to go to a chinese parade related to an asian channel he works for. Not thinking too much into it I said yes thinking it would be nice to go to China Town and hangout for the day.
I had no idea that I was actually going to be walking in the parade. In the front line with the banner with my boyfriend and James Adam Shelly.

It was fun to be in a parade for once and meeting James Adam Shelly was pretty cool. He is good friends with my boyfriend and they worked together for a while before the band he is in, American Authors, hit mainstream.I found it so interesting that he plays the banjo and how it was being on stage on some talkshows on tv.

Here is the music video of their first of many hits Best Day of My Life:    

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