Sunday, August 17, 2014


I didn't have much of a Summer since I decided to take on Summer school with my Pre-K class. I love working with them and will miss them but doing the program burnt me out. Summer is a necessity for teachers, it gives them time to recoup from the school year with 18- 30 little munchkins. Summer gives teachers back that joy and love that made them want to be teachers in the first place. That love gets tested everyday with demands from administration, parents, kids and other co-workers and it slowly chips away at you. 

This week is my prep and staff development week then I get a mini reprieve until September. I can not wait. After a whole year I get to see my mom again! I'm going to Puerto Rico and my boyfriend is coming along! After being together for over a year he gets to finally meet my mom in person (instead of through FaceTime and Skype) I can't wait. 
Besides that I am enjoying a few peaceful minutes at my dining room table updating and refreshing my little etsy shop. And mulling over the idea that I might be Los Angeles bound next year.

My boyfriend was offered a job in L.A. with a company that works with artists in creating, filming and producing films, music videos etc. 
I'm trying to wrap my head around the fact of leaving New York. I am not so sure I can do it. However the thought of the beach, warm weather year round and a laid back atmosphere sounds very tempting. 

A lot of things running through my head though and a lot of countdowns to keep track of.
Right now it's the countdown to P.R.

All my love 
 Boyfriend and I at my best friends wedding.

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