Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Can't Wait for Fall...

Again its been quite awhile since my last update. I find it is so hard to keep so many things updating especially with work and my online store.
I got into jewelry making again and am updating my store to include some of the newest pieces.

Besides that I am transitioning into a different grade level. I loved teaching Pre -K but in teaching that grade level for about 4 years I am realizing that I went into grad school for the older grade levels for a reason. So I am now a third grade teacher and am knee deep in various third grade blogs to help with the process. Also going through my storage unit for all my older grade level material was back breaking to say the least. I am not going to lie I am a bit nervous.

California was put on hold for the time being. Although a wonderful idea the idea of leaving our friends and family to start from scratch was pretty scary. So it was left on temporary terms for now.

So for the time being I continue to work on my store, my lesson plans before the start of school and pinning on my wedding board on Pinterest but more on that later...

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