Thursday, June 30, 2016

I am engaged!

On a beautiful day, during golden hour, at Untermyer Gardens in Yonkers; my now fiance got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was surreal and beautiful and I started to cry. I mean we had talked about it for a few months before and all along he already had the ring hidden away.
On our trek down the stairs leading to the overlook of the Hudson we stopped every so often to take a few photos unaware the whole time that at the end was where he would ask.

Honestly I was just happy to be out. I fell in love with the gardens a while back on my first visit. It is always so serene and peaceful and I find it the spot where I can always get back to my center. The minutes before I was admiring this tree with its white flowers and the breeze and the sound of the birds and it seemed so perfect.

 All the while he had that ring in his camera bag. Sneaky. 
Afterwards we took a walk to the Temple and enjoyed the sunset before hitting Yardhouse. Our waiter at Yardhouse was wonderful and gave us champagne in glasses and cake on them as a congratulations.
Perfect day spent with the man I love. I am so lucky to have met him on that nice day in May three years ago. Sometimes things happen without you expecting it and one day which I didn't take too seriously because dating got me jaded I crossed the street and met the man who will one day be my husband.

Special thanks to:
Untermyer Gardens and the continuing effort to clean and fix the gardens. I am a forever patron!
Yardhouse- consistently delicious food and drinks and always friendly service.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Break away...

Teaching can be all consuming. You get wrapped up in school politics, classroom drama and your children and their lives and everything else fades away. In my case my personal life took a back burner.
However with Spring arriving, warmer weather starting to take over and Spring fever taking hold I feel like the back burner needs some attention.
Hence the  redesign of my online shop- and a new shipments of fabric coming in. So excited to play with the new textures and colors. Perhaps even getting my cousin to play model for my new soon to be scarves.

All the while talking about wedding details and the ring. The debate comes mostly about the ring.  Should we use the rings from my grandmother  passed down the line with such deep history or spend money and make our own history.
Hmm decisions, decisions...